Thursday, August 4, 2011

Patterned Paper Wreath

My July DT project was to make a paper craft. I immediately fell in love with the paper, mainly because one of them was yellow! Seeing how yellow is my favorite color I couldn't wait to get started and knew immediately what I wanted to make. I remembered seeing on another blog (twogirlsbeingcrafty) where they had made a paper wreath and I wanted to try making one myself. Thanks so much for the inspiration Tristin & Sharon!

I was given 3 different sheets of double sided patterned paper by Pink Paislee. By using the back side of two of the sheets, I ended up with 5 different patterns. Because I like yellow so much I only used the yellow side of that paper. For my base I used a piece of 12x12 gray cardstock that I cut into a large circle and then cut out the middle. I have also seen this done using a foam wreath, but I used paper since this was for my DT project. 

I cut my paper into 1" x 6" length strips and stapled them to the paper. Its a little difficult to see but I actually drew lines on my gray cardstock to help guide me in placement. After just randomly attaching the strips to begin with I found that I needed lines!

This is just a larger shot to show you the wreath at about the halfway point.  I ended up using 108 strips on my wreath (2 sheets of all 3 papers). I think on the one I make for myself I will space them a little farther apart. After I was done attaching all the strips I decided to make it a little more sturdy so I cut out the same size circle from a piece of cardboard and glued it to the back. Next I attached a piece ribbon to hang it from and it was done!


Products Used:
Pink Paislee Patterned Paper: Daily Junque - Junque; Tickets; News

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