Thursday, December 1, 2011

Paper Pinecone Ornament Tutorial

Sorry again for the delay. I got some amazing news earlier in the week and so have been super busy. Once I am allowed I will share what the news is but for now its a secret! But at last here is the tutorial for the paper pinecone ornaments.  This is a really long post so kick back and get comfy.

Materials List General:
1 Sheet 12”x12” Patterned Paper
1 Styrofoam Egg 3-13/16" White (2/pk)
1 Box .75 in #8 Sequin Pins (300 ct)
2.5 yards of coordinating ribbon
6” piece of Evergreen
Adirondack Metallic’s Acrylic Paint Dabber - Pearl

12” Trimmer
Wire Cutters
Hot Glue Gun (or other type of fabric adhesive)

Step #1: Cut paper into 1” strips. Then cut again into 1” squares.

Step #2: Fold each square so that there is a point on one side.

Step #3: Take four squares and pin them to the bottom, narrow end of your egg so that the folded points are all touching. You will pin each of the four squares in three places: top point, bottom left and bottom right.

Step #4: You will now begin to pin the rest of your squares onto the egg, pinning each one in two places: bottom left and bottom right.  DO NOT pin the top points.  Begin pinning your first row of squares about ¼” below the first four and stagger each square so that its middle overlaps where the bottom two squares underneath it come together.

Step #5: Continue pinning rows of squares around the egg. Because the egg gradually gets wider, you will gradually use more pieces per row until it starts getting narrower again.  When you are about half way down the egg, attach a long piece of ribbon which will be used to hang the ornament.  Pin one end of the ribbon to one side of the egg with two pins and then do the same with the other end.  Your piece of ribbon should be 12” in length.

Step #6:  Continue with your rows, making sure to pin them in such a way that the ribbon is eventually covered up completely.

Step #7:  Next I took the Adirondack Metallic’s Acrylic Paint Dabber in Pearl and used it all over the squares.

Step #8:  Next I took the piece of evergreen (6”) and cut it into two equal pieces. I then twisted those two pieces around the bottom of the ribbon.  Then I took the remaining ribbon (18”) and tied it into a bow around the other ribbon, just above the evergreen.  Make sure after you tie the bow that you push it down so it is as close to the evergreen as possible.  Make sure the bow is tied very tightly.  To dress mine up a bit more I attached a snowflake and bling over the knot of the bow.

Step #9:  DONE!

 Well, that is it. I hope this is a help to anyone that wants to give it a try. And may you have fun making these wonderful homemade ornaments for yourself or others.

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