Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Running a marathon.....

Two days ago on Sunday, October 16th, I ran my very first marathon. It was the Columbus Marathon in Columbus, Ohio. For me it was not about place or time. I am not a speed demon and not really a fan of distance running. For me it was just about being able to accomplish this and say that I finished. Less than 1% of the population has ever completed a marathon. My only two desires during the whole process were to finish in the allowed time (max of 7 hours) and to do it under my own power. I was able to jog across the finish line in 5hrs 27min. I hit "the wall" as marathoners like to say at mile 24. And those last 2.2 miles were rough. I had run almost the entire race with one lady whom I found out is from the same town as me. But at mile 24 I told her to go on because I didn't want to hold her back. It was then that my husband found me and ended up running the last 1.5 miles (minus the finish line chute) with me and I am so glad he did. He and my best friend Shirely, who came with us, helped me a lot before and after the race. I also got another suprise at the finish to find out that my sister, brother-in-law, and niece were all waiting for me too. Yes, I am sore and hurting but that will go away, but the feeling I got when I crossed that finish line never will. It is something that no one will ever be able to take away from me.
Here are some pictures from race day. Sorry they aren't the best but they were all taken with my husbands phone. Shirley took tons of photos with her awesome camera but I haven't gotten copies of them yet.
Getting ready at the hotel and my cheer squad! Check out them awesome running tights that I borrowed from Shirley!

Getting instructions from my pace team leader. She was awesome and kept us motivated. 

And at the end. Hard to believe that I actually ran 26.2 miles and could still be smiling! Thanks to everyone for your support and words of encouragement. It was all greatly appreciated!

Thanks, Sherrie!